600 Ton lifting capacity crane with Helideck.
Delivery in Australia
Length: 50m
Breadth: 24m
Jacking system: De Long Air Jacks
Spud length: 50m
Spud Diameter: 1.8m (Buoyant)
Spud Weight: 124 tonne each
Jack up capacity (lift): 2160 tonnes (540 tonne per jack)
Jack up capacity (hold): 4320 tonnes
Jack up Speed: 3m/hour (heavy)
Jack up Speed: 6.5m/hour (light)
Type: deck barge, one swim end
Bulkheads: 7 transverse, 3 longitudinal
Deck: 16mm plate
Sides, bottom, bulkheads: 10mm plate
1 Sharyo 150KVa gen set
1 Sharyo 45KVa gen set 220V, 110V, 32V, 24V, 12V – 60H
2 jacking air compressors (Denyo 1070XS)
Air supplied at 24bar/350psi
Fitted with Stainless Air Driers
International Survey:   NKK
1 x saloon, 1 x galley, 2 x toilets, Washrooms, AC cabins, AC
accommodation, onboard desalination unit with 2000L storage tank,
onboard WWT System
Year Built: 1974
Builder: Nippon Steel Corp., Japan
Major Rebuild 1999
Jacking system rebuild: 2006
* 4 no. Spud operated by Delong Jacking System
* Stair access to 10m below deck level
* Helipad protruding 13m from bow of barge capable of landing 206B
* 2 no. Deck mounted 1T capacity electric winch
* 1T capacity electric winch on supply davit arm
* 5 no. leg restraint lugs
* 100T Fuel Tank
* 2 no. 70T Fresh water storage tanks with pressure pump for deck wash
* 4 no. 7.5T anchor with 300m wire rope each with own storage rack
* 2 no. 20T Double Drum Winch
* 2760mm wide Crane Beams; 7760 ctrs; spanning width of barge with
internal Deck bracing – internal structural improvements in 2007 to
withstand CC2800 Terex-Demag [600Ton Lifting Capacity, Crawler Crane]
*     Maximum lift performed ~120T at 16m
= all dets abt and wog =
Please note that the crawler crane is not mentioned as equipment
included in the sale as she is hired.


6 Responses

  1. Please send us more information and your final price for the a/m jack up barge

  2. Mr. Jalili,
    Can only find this 1019.

  3. This jackup is now owned by Fugro Seacore. The jacking system has been replaced. Some of the redundant parts may be available

  4. Please advise if your company can supply new/used jacks for jack up barge construction.


  5. Sir-

    PLease advise if you can supply 4 ea. jacks for jack up barge construction. JAcks should have approx 350-500 ton capacity.

  6. Can you please send over more information

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