1021 – 4000 HP ASD +FIFI FR SALE

4000HP ASD with FIFI

Spec: ( more than ASD, can be ocean tug and standby tug)
blt China
Loa 36.8M
B 10M
D 4.4M
Draft 3.4M
Complement 13P
SPEED be or over 13.5K
Fresh water 48.3t
Fuel oil 123t
Foam 11.05t
Bollard pull(ahead) be or over 52T
Bollard pull(aft) be or over 46T
Propulsion unit NIGATA ZP-31 X2 Azimuthing stern with nozzle can be controlled in wheel house and engine room
Aircondition: 30000ka
Firefighting system includes: external firefighting pump, gearbox, pump/gearbox couple, public foundation, firefighting gun, all valve related to this system,foam proportion mixer,etc. The system meet the requirement that the main gun shooting water and aux. gun shooting foam at the same time which can remote control in wheel house and control in the spot.

windlass: hydraulic motor driven type with 1 chain gypsy , 1 drum
, 2sets


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