Blt Alabama, USA  2004/06
GT:                                                         1,420
LOA:                                                         145′
Molded Beam:                                             80′
Width O.A.:                                               110′
Molded Depth:                                             12′
Forward Deck Area:                       8,600 Sq Ft
Forward Working Deck Area:          7,600 Sq Ft
Leg Length:                                               265′
Pads:                              40′ x 20′ w/3/4 Plating
Leg Diameter:                               105″ x 1 1/4″
Deck Load:                                400 Long Tons
Working Water Depth:  @200′ w/25′ wave action
Cranes: RAM
1 x 200 ton with 130′ Boom Length
1 x   15 ton with 60′ Length
Planetarys:                      12 per leg – 6 per side
Main Engines:
2 – KTA – 38 Cummings Engines  (2000 HP Comb @ 1800 RPM)
Power Pack:
2 – 700 HP  K-19 Cummings for the jacking system
(180 KW each) at 1800 RPM
Engine 280 HP at 1800 Cummings
Bow Thruster:                             350 HP
Air Manifold on Deck:    3 outlets on deck
2 – Drop Pumps:                   15 HP Each
1 – Electric Anchor Winch
1 – 8′ x 12′ Walk-In Cooler and Freezer
Water Maker:            2,400 Gallons / Day
Fuel Oil:                      10,000 US Gallons
Fresh Water:               10,000 US Gallons
Lube Oil:                          500 US Gallons
Hydraulic Oil:                 1,500 US Gallons
Crewman:                      12
Charter Co. Personnel:    30                       
2 – Furuno 24 Miles radar
1 – Loud Hailer Intercom with six (6) speakers
2 – VHF Marine Radios (1 emergency as per USCG)
2 – Single Sideband
1 – Digital Depth Finder
1 – G.P.S.
Lloyd’s Fully classed  worldwide service class Liftboat with A-1 Load Line
and U.S.C.G. approved.
Flagged: St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Please register your interest to develop further.
Vessel currently at West African location bound for delivery to GOM.
Delivery w/w possible prompt!


8 Responses

  1. Please i will like to know your requirements as regards establishing an M.O.U with your reputable Organization for Partnership that will enable us higher your JACK-UP BARGES.


  2. Available jackups can be found on Brgds
    Frank Holck

  3. i need line diagram of ballast,freshwater,fuel and other systems of a jack up barge

  4. can ypu send pictures and daily rates for possible 2 year contract in south america thanks

  5. please I want to know much is going to cost to sale or to charter how a (i)ANCHOR HANDLING TUG,(ii)SUPPLY VESSEL(iii)JACK-UP BARGE

  6. Good Day Mr. Hassan

    Please Advice More details, General Arrangement
    Year of Built & Some Pictures of the Jack Up Barge

    Also Advice Current Location

  7. Could you please send me pics and ga plans I have a poss charter

  8. Dr. Jalili,
    When barge leave for GOM?
    What day rate you asking for?


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