We can offer you below Z-peller tug for sale. Owner’s price ideas in the region of low US$4.3 million.  She has a forward winch, built in 1997 in China using steel plates of Japanese origin. Engines are Mitsubishi.
Please find below general description of the vessel.
Length (OA) : 33.30 m
Length (BP) : 28.50 m
Breadth : 9.20 m
Depth    : 3.90 m
Designed load draught: 2.90 m
Gross Tonnage approx. : 310 tons
Classification : BV class
Deadweight: Approx. 80 tons
Capacity (100% full tank) : 50 M3
Lub. Oil sump tank approx.: 5 M3
Fresh water tank approx.  : 25 M3
Service speed Approx. : 12.5 knots
Bollards pull Max. : 35 tons
Windlass / Force Towing Winch – Hydraulic motor driven.
Towing Hook: 45t type
Accommodation: 16pax – air conditioned
Life saving appliances conforming to SOLAS Regulation.
Fire fighting system is installed in accordance with requirements of rules.


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