1061 – 17000 HP AHT FOR SALE

Type                    : AHTS
Delivery               : June 2011 / yard re-sale
Class                   : DNV
Dims                    : 86,00 x 19,90 x 8,80 mtr, 7,3 mtr draft
Main engines       : 2 x Ulstein Bergen 6000kW 16,300 BHP
Bollard Pull          : 200 tons
Propulsion           : 2 x cpp (Controllable Pitch Propeller)
Speed                 : 18 knots
FiFi                      : Fi-Fi II
Inspectable         :  Korea


2 Responses

  1. Hello Hassan, in the absence of the 15000 bhp, can you advise asap indicative price of this if still available for outright buy. Treat with utmost urgency

  2. I have a client looking for a FiFi 2, DP2 vessel for time charter or purchase and another client looking for a DP2 dive/construction support vessel. Can be with or without SAT System.

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