1067 – 12000 HP DP2 SUPPLY BOAT


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  1. Looking for following vessel:

    Cable Laying Vessel / Barge
    General requirements:
    1. DP2
    2. Min loading capacity 2000T

  2. pls sir
    do your company have a rig utility boat for a year contract,also do you have a contact personell or branch in Nigeria

  3. Dear Sir,
    could you please provide us with 3 year charter price of this vessel?

  4. Urgent request for the Gulf of Mexico (Campeche, Mexico) for four (4) DP2 vessels for carrying mud, the contract would be for a 2 – 2.5 years contract, as mentioned below.
    The requested main technical specifications are the following: 1. DP2 2. 450 m3 liquid mud capacity minimum (SG of mud is in the range of 1,8 to 1,9) 3. GRT 2500 minimum: the reason is the compulsory stability required for the installation of the mud treatment plant on the deck. The mud treatment plant will be installed by the charterer on the deck, which makes a quite large free deck area important in the proposal. Charter Periods:1. The three (3) first units to be delivered on the 25th of July 2011 for a charter period of 891 days.2. The 4th unit to be delivered on the 22nd of August 2011 for a charter period of 863 days. The selection will be made on the technical specifications and the prices (daily hire rate, mob/demob). Thanks a lot for your comments, a prompt answer is required.

    • looking for a DP 2 vessel ASAP for a 3 year contract and it should be 1 to 6 years of age…. rental per day should not exceed 13200 US dollar per day….

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