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  1. We need a Jack-up barge for rent for 2 months to work in an Offshore . A 12 Ton truck mounted with Rig shall be boarded on the barge to conducted geotechnical investigation. If you have the barge, please let us know to enable us to contact you.

  2. Dear Sir ,
    Iranian Oil Offshore Company (IOOC) a subsidiary of NIOC (National Iranian Oil
    Company) is biggest oil Client in Iran that their responsibility is oil
    production in Persian Gulf (all oil fields). IOOC invites some Companies which
    they are capable to do Revamping projects.
    Hirbod Niroo is a big company with a high grade on oil and gas job .
    The project concise definition which defines by IOOC is all execution work for
    completion of the following items:
    Mechanical Repair ,Replace ,Sandblasting Painting ,Splash zone coating ,Insulation ,Inspection, Testing ,Reporting and Material Purchasing of SALMAN complex(9 platform 12bridges in the Persian gulf.)
    We need jack up barge for accommodation and safe working of all personnel for this project
    Please send all detail and price of jack up barge that suitable for 25 water depth

    • Hi

      Have you already found your required jack up barge ? if not, please contact me, i can arrange it for you.


      • Hello Masood Shayeganpour
        We urgently require a Jack Up BARGE for sale or lease with the below specification or higher:
        SEA WATER: 35m
        LOA: Example; 40.0m X 40.0m, 3,5-4,5
        Crane: Over 100 tons
        Accommodation: 30pac for around 100 persons.
        No Restriction in built year.

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