We have a small Jack up barge for sale, we can arrange freight if required.
This a very handy piece of equipment, no weather delays move on trucks and ships, these do not become available very often.

Built: 2002
Dims: 18.3 x 14.6m
Depth: 1.8m
Spuds: 21.7m
Deck space: 21.9 x 12.1m
Deck load: 6Tons/m²
Maximal Total Deck Load Capacity: 40 Tons.


4 Responses

  1. Do you still have the jackup barge?

  2. Dear Mr Sir ,

    Iranian Oil Offshore Company (IOOC) a subsidiary of NIOC (National Iranian Oil
    Company) is biggest oil Client in Iran that their responsibility is oil
    production in Persian Gulf (all oil fields). IOOC invites some Companies which
    they are capable to do Revamping projects.
    Hirbod Niroo is a big company with a high grade on oil and gas job .

    The project concise definition which defines by IOOC is all execution work for
    completion of the following items:
    Mechanical Repair ,Replace ,Sandblasting Painting ,Splash zone coating ,Insulation ,Inspection, Testing ,Reporting and Material Purchasing of SALMAN complex(9 platform 12bridges in the Persian gulf.)
    We need jack up barge for accommodation and safe working of all personnel for this project

  3. Can I have more detail about such equipment.

  4. I am looking for a flat top barge on which I can build a houseboat for my family. Can you please tell me more about yours? And maybe give me some prices?

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