1078 -4 X 1100 t BARGE FOR SALE

For sale: ref num Barge   Tons 1060  Blt 1988

We have 4 identical barges for sale in great condition. The barges can be
used to transport containers or cars over River. The dimensions of each
barge is 82.4 meters long and 11.4 meters wide and each barge can carry up
to 1060 tons. built 1988.

4 pcs   Ro-Ro barges 
L= 82,40 m
W= 11,40 m
H= 2,20 m
Draft max  =1,80 m
Draft 60 cm when they have no load.
Deplacement  max (t)  : 1461 Tons
Validity navigation documents  :    2012- 2015
Maxim loading capacity =  1060,00 tons
Good working conditions
Price Euro € 400.000,–    EACH


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  1. are these barges LCT’s (landing craft type)

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