newly-built floating crane 1800ton (non self-propelled)
asking cheap price: 38 million usd
design lifting capacity: 1800ton
actual testing lifting capacity: 2300ton
Main hook: 900ton*2
Aux. hook: 400ton*2
Built in Apr.16,2010, completed in Dec.30,2010
LOA : 113.00 m   
Length:108.00 m
Length of waterline:108.00 m
Breadth: 43.20 m   
Depth:7.80 m    
Light draught: 4.799 m
Full-load draught: 5.720 m   
Full-load displacement: 26241.30 t  
Light displacement: 12550.30 t
Gross Tonnage: 11255 ton
Net Tonnage: 3376 ton
accommodation: 80 people


One Response

  1. Dear Hassan,

    We are currently looking for 1200 – 1800T crane for our client in UAE. Appreciate if you could send me the spec and the sale price

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