From our direct and close shipyard, we can propose and develop the following high spec New Building AHTS –
“Tbn” – Singapore Flag- Approx 100MT Bollard Pull
2,579 Dwt on 6.10M Draft
Dims – 70.05/67.025 x 16.00 x 7.20M
Built 2010 – SE Asia
Grt/Nrt 2,345/702
Class – ABS +a1(E) Offshore Support Vessel AH, Towing Vessel, Fire Fighting Vessel Class 1 +AMS +DPS-2
Deck Cargo – approx 600 MT
Deck Strength, Main Deck 7.5MT/m2 uniform loading
Clear Deck area – approx 500 m2
Fuel Oil/Fresh Water/Ballast-Drill water/Liquid Mud/Bulk Cement – Approx  1,000 Cbm/600 Cbm/400 Cbm/600 Cbm/ 200 Cbm
M/Engs – 2 x Wartsila – 8,160 Bhp – 2 x 3,000 kW
2 x CPP in Kort nozzles
Emergency Gen – 1 x 58kW @ 1,800 rpm, radiator cooled
Bow Thruster – 2 x 515 kW electric driven, CPP, tunnel  type,
Stern thruster – 1 x 515 kW
Anchor Handling Towing Winch – 1 x electro-hydraulic waterfall double drum, Brattvaag
1 x declutchable upper towing drum and 1 x declutchable lower AH drum with band brakes
Tugger Winch / Capstan Stern Roller / Shark Jaw & Tow Pin
Deck Crane
DPS-2 – Kongsberg Maritime or Marine Technologies – 2 x DGPS / 1 x Fanbeam or Cyscan / 1 x HiPAP 500 or other hydraulic-acoustic sensor (Optional)
Independent joystick System
FiFi System – Class 1
Fire Pump – 2 x 1,700 m3/Hr approx @ 1,800 Rpm. FFS driven from Main Engine front PTO
Max Speed – approx 14 Kts / Economical Speed – approx 12 Kts


2 Responses

  1. Dear Sirs,
    We are looking for a new buildiong AHTS of main specifications by you offered.
    Please let we know indicative price, delivery date and place where the vessel can be inspected by OVID inspector.
    We are traveling to China on first week of September.
    Best Regards,
    Guillermo Abelenda

  2. Dear Sir.

    Pls contact us urgent;

    Fairbiz IBC & Norwegian Partners Marine. S&P.

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