Construction Date : 1985, 1993 A-Frame, Modification 2003

Flag : Iranian

Classification: LIoyds 100 A1 LA

Last Docking : 17/04/04

Certificate Date: 09/06/04


Length over all: 91.85 m

Breadth: 30.48 m

Depth: 7.62 m

Draught Max: 6.28 m

Draught Min: 2.95 m

Gross Tonnage: 5688 R.T.

Net Tonnage: 1706 R.T.

Accommodation: 29 persons can be increased

Mooring System

Anchor System: 6 Point

Winch system: 2 x Bodewes 40t winches

Winch Capacity: 4 x Bodewes 35t winches

Anchor wires: 44mm x 1500m each

Size: 14mt Stockless

Type & Capacity: 5x 4mt Flipper Delta

All winches with local & remote control with tensionometer

Crane Systems

Number of tackles : 2 outer tackles , 2 inner tackles

Maximum lift capacities:

Each tackle: 800 ton

With 2 tackles outer) : 1600 ton

With 4 tackles (A Frame) : 3000 ton


3 Responses

  1. Dear Hassan,

    My client in Iran is looking for 3000T cap Barge. Pls let me know the sale price

  2. We would like to consider this option for charter.

    6 months , in Malayhsian water.
    Accomodation looking at 40 person.
    What will be the charter fee and terms and condition be?

  3. Dear sir.
    we need one crane barge 2000 tons for one project in iran.
    if u have cran barge 2000 tones plz inform me for more information.

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