1122-Ballastable barge 52,000T Capacity

Have flwing Ballastable Barges for sale:


Built 2002  these two barges can be combined as “one double barge unit”


LOA 140.0m,

Breadth 37.0m (76.0m when combined)

Depth 12.0m Draft 9.0m

Submerged Draft 25.5m

NRT / GRT 5,603 / 18,677

Max. Load 35,000 ton (52,000 ton when combined)

Ballast Tank Capacity 62,650 ton


Equipment List :

– Main Generator x 2 Sets (Hyundai Himsen)

– Ballast System : Centrifugal Pump x 2

– Anchor x 1

– 5 Ton Electric Driven Provision Crane x 1

– 25 Ton x 4 Winch


These barges have been used to load out & float off the vessels after “on-land construction”(without drydock or slipway) since 2002.


One Response

  1. Dear Sirs

    Our keen Korean Buyer searching for Non-Self Propelled Ballastable Deck Barge with foll requirements.

    – Ballastable Deck Barge 110-120m x 32m x Depth 7-7.5m (dwt 14,000 -16,000)

    – Built o/a 10-15 years but try new one in China

    – Prefer Deck load min 15 ton/m2

    – Inspection/Delivery in Far East only(Imperative !!!!!!)

    Prefer in China

    Pls ppose with details/Photos/Price.

    mamud ba
    marinter sale

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